Overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment widely used in workshop, warehouse, material field, garage etc for mechanical processing, assembly, maintenance and other special work, and it takes hoist as lifting mechanism to realize moving or lifting goods. The crane moves back and forth along its track, the hoist moves left and right along the crane beam and the hoisting tool moves up and down. It makes full use of the space under the crane girder without being hindered by ground equipment, which makes sure the efficient lifting work.

Main Parts of Overhead Crane

The crane mainly consists of main girder, end girder, electric hoist, electrical device, crane and trolley traveling mechanisms. The main girder is produced with integral pressure tank process, and it has simple structure and good technology; the end girder also adopts the integral pressure tank process; the main girder and end girder are connected by bolts, which makes them easy to assemble, disassemble, transport and store. During operating work, the trolley travel speed should not be greater than 30m/min, the crane travel speed should not be greater than 45m/min when it is operated by ground button device, and the speed should not be greater than 75m/min when it is operated through the cabin.

Working class of the over head crane is generally in the range of A3-A6, and the operating temperature is from -20℃ to 40℃. The working class is determined by use level and loading state of the crane. During static load test, the crane should bear 1.25 times of test load; during dynamic load test, it should bear 1.1 times of test load of the rated load, and it should work properly. There should be no crack, damage and permanent deformation, no peeling paint and no loose at the connecting points after the test.

Overhead crane for sale

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Overhead cranes can be classified according to different ways as follows:

Different Types of Overhead Crane

As an important material handling device, overhead cranes are customizable and adjustable according to different occasions. Kinds of cranes on markets nowadays are various and with different qualities, so when you plan to buy an overhead crane for your workshop or factory, it is needed to pay much attention to the crane quality. The best way to get a perfect crane is to choose the crane from an professional overhead crane manufacturer. OUr company has decades of crane manufacturing experience and also supplies customized overhead crane. The main overhead crane products provided by us are material handling overhead crane, magnetic overhead crane, small overhead crane, top running overhead crane, ceiling mounted crane, light duty and heavy duty overhead cranes, underhung crane, overhead pendant crane, remote control overhead crane, European overhead cranes, EOT cranes and so on.

Aicrane different types of overhead crane
Aicrane Different Overhead Cranes

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There are many important things you need to consider while buying an overhead crane, and you need to choose the top quality one to suit your workload and material lifting needs reliably. Before you make a choice, you can do your research about the product you are going to buy on internet, including overhead crane features, overhead crane types, and crane installation and operations. In this way, you can get some knowledge of the crane and it will be helpful with your crane selection. To get a high quality crane with affordable price, you can just choose us as your provider and we will offer you the best crane solution to suit your requirements.

Top running single girder overhead crane

Top Running Overhead Crane

As an important lifting equipment, top running overhead crane is designed to travel on the top of the runway system ...
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Underhung Crane

Underhung crane, also known as under running crane or under slung crane, refers to a crane with its end trucks ...
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Quality EOT crane for sale

Electric Overhead Crane

Electric overhead crane is important overhead lifting equipment, and it is widely used for indoor and outdoor lifting work. It ...
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EOT Crane

EOT crane refers to electric overhead traveling crane, which can be with single girder or double girder. This kind of ...
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Heavy duty EOT crane for sale

Heavy Duty Overhead Crane

Heavy duty overhead crane, as its name suggests, is a crane designed for heavy duty work compared with light duty ...
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Hoist Overhead Crane

A hoist overhead crane, also known as hoist bridge crane, is a crane using electric hoist as its lifting mechanism ...
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quality industrial overhead crane

Industrial Overhead Crane

Industrial overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane equipment used in many industries to lift and move heavy and ...
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Light Duty Overhead Crane

Aicrane light duty overhead crane is available in single girder or double girder configuration as your choice, according to hoist ...
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Electromagnetic crane

Magnetic Overhead Crane

Magnetic overhead crane is a specially designed crane used to lift and transfer metals. It is generally heavy working crane ...
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Quality material handling overhead crane for sale

Material Handling Overhead Crane

Material handling overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane, and it is used to lift and transport heavy materials ...
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Quality overhead pendant crane

Overhead Pendant Crane

Overhead pendant crane is a crane operated with pendant and used for lifting and transporting operations on different working occasions ...
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Overhead traveling crane for sale

Overhead Travelling Crane

Overhead travelling crane is a crane has parallel runways with traveling girder spanning the gap. There are single girder overhead ...
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Remote Control Overhead Crane

Remote control overhead crane refers to the crane that is operated with remote control. There is radio remote control, wireless ...
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Single girder small overhead crane

Small Overhead Crane

Compared with heavyweight crane, small overhead crane generally refers to the crane with small lifting capacity. This crane is usually ...
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Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane

Double girder overhead traveling crane is a crane with double girders and its lifting mechanism travels along its track on ...
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AQ-HD single girder overhead travelling crane

Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

Single girder overhead travelling crane has single girder to lift and transfer goods or products with its lifting device. The ...
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Overhead Cranes Used on Different Working Occasions

Overhead cranes are important and essential when they come to heavy materials handling, they can move the heavy objects in different directions and greatly reduce the amount of persons’ workload. With different styles and configurations, the cranes can be used on many occasions to meet various material lifting needs, the occasions include warehouse, workshop, construction and manufacturing settings, factories and some other workstations. Sorted according to different work places, there are mainly overhead shop crane, garage overhead crane, foundry crane, explosion proof overhead crane, warehouse overhead crane etc, among which foundry crane and explosion proof crane are specially designed cranes because they are used for special work environment.

overhead cranes used in different work places
Overhead Cranes Used in Different Work Places

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When you are choosing an overhead crane to meet your material handling needs, it is necessary to keep some factors in mind and consider them carefully. The weight of the material to be lifted and the lifting height should be known to decide the lifting capacity of the crane you are going to buy. Moreover, the work class, span, working speeds of the crane also should be taken into consideration before you make your final choice. It is worth noting that the crane you select should be with high quality and suit your work needs and requirements according to the work environment. Choose and cooperate with professional crane supplier, you will be satisfied with the product and service you get.

Explosion proof double girder overhead crane

Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

Explosion proof overhead crane is a crane used for special purpose. It has strong explosion proof performance, and it’s designed ...
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Foundry crane supplied by Aimix

Foundry Crane

Foundry crane, also known as ladle crane, is an important piece of lifting and transporting equipment used in steel-making and ...
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single girder crane with good price

Garage Overhead Crane

Garage overhead crane is one kind of overhead crane lifting equipment, which can be used for different operations in workshop ...
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LD type single girder indoor overhead crane

Indoor Overhead Crane

It is obvious to know indoor overhead crane is the crane used for indoor lifting and transporting work. Aimix company ...
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Single girder overhead shop crane

Overhead Shop Crane

Overhead shop crane, as a kind of overhead crane, is widely used for workshop lifting operations. The over head crane ...
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Single girder warehouse overhead crane

Warehouse Overhead Crane

Warehouse overhead crane, as its name suggests, is a crane mounted and used in warehouse to lift and transfer different ...
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Single girder workshop overhead crane

Workshop Overhead Crane

Workshop overhead crane is used to lift and transport materials in different workshops. Since much weights lifting work needs to ...
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Ladle overhead crane used in steel mill

Overhead Crane Used in Steel Mill

Overhead crane has been widely used in steel mills and plays very important role during the steel-making process. The whole ...
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Overhead Cranes with Different Lifting Capacities

Overhead cranes are designed and produced with different lifting capacities to meet clients’ various lifting needs. If the crane is used for light weight material lifting, the crane with light lifting capacity can be adopted, like 1 ton overhead crane, 2 ton overhead crane, 5 ton overhead crane and so on. If the crane is applied for heavy duty and busy material handling, the overhead crane with larger lifting capacity will be used to suit the needs, like 50 ton overhead crane, 100 ton overhead crane, 200 ton overhead crane, heavy duty EOT crane etc.

overhead cranes with different lifting capacities
Overehad Cranes with Different Lifting Capacities

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Aimix is one of the professional and leading overhead cranes manufacturers in China and has provided many overhead cranes for different customers from all over the world. Our crane lifting capacity can be up to 500 ton or more to comply with the specific heavy objects lifting. Tell us your work environment conditions and your requirements on lifting capacity, and we will provide you with the suitable and professional crane overhead to meet your needs. More details about our cranes with different lifting capacities are as follows:

1 ton single girder overhead crane

1 ton Overhead Crane  

1 ton overhead crane belongs to small and light duty crane, which is used for light weight lifting or transporting ...
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2 ton suspension crane for sale

2 ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane is a kind of lightweight overhead crane and it is widely applied for light load work ...
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3 ton top running overhead crane for sale

3 ton Overhead Crane

3 ton overhead crane is a kind of crane with light lifting capacity and used to lift and transfer goods ...
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5 ton European overhead crane

5 ton Overhead Crane

5 ton overhead crane, as a kind of material handling crane, is widely applied to many different industries for material ...
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10 ton overhead crane for sale

10 ton Overhead Crane

10 ton overhead crane can be designed to single beam overhead crane or double beam overhead crane as needed. It ...
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15 ton Overhead Crane

15 ton overhead crane is designed and manufactured by our professional overhead crane team with advanced technology. You can put ...
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20 ton double girder grab crane

20 ton Overhead Crane

20 ton overhead crane is used to lift and transfer goods and materials with the weight not greater than 20 ...
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25 ton Overhead Crane

Our company supplies a wide range of overhead cranes with different lifting capacities, and 25 ton overhead crane is a ...
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AQ-NLH 30 ton European overhead crane

30 ton Overhead Crane

30 ton overhead crane is widely used for heavy loads lifting and moving. Aimix Group provides overhead cranes with single ...
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AQ-NLH 40 ton overhead crane for sale

40 ton Overhead Crane

40 ton overhead crane is a crane with the lifting capacity of 40 ton, and it can be used in ...
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50 ton Overhead Crane

50 ton overhead crane is a kind of heavy duty overhead crane, and it can be used to heavy duty ...
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100 ton Overhead Crane

100 ton overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane with heavy lifting capacity compared with the cranes with small ...
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Overhead Crane in Single Girder or Double Girder Style

When you work in an industrial setting, no matter manufacturing or construction occasion it is, it is common to lift and transport heavy items from one location to another, and material handling equipment is needed. A good way to lift heavy loads easily and quickly is with an reliable overhead crane. When you going to purchase overhead cranes, you need to make a choice between single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane according to your specific work needs. The specifications of the cranes can be adjusted in accordance with clients special requirements, like the length and width of the crane.

Aicrane cranes for sale
Aicrane Single Girder and Double Girder Cranes

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Generally single girder crane is smaller than the double girder crane and it is usually used for relatively smaller lifting work. It uses electric hoist as its lifting mechanism which travels along its track on the main beam of the crane. This kind of crane works well in workshops and warehouses etc. Compared with single girder crane, double girder crane is used for heavier lifting jobs in factories, power stations, construction work and so on. Both the two types of overhead cranes have been widely used for many years and they work very effectively on different work occasions. No matter what kind of crane you are going to buy, it is necessary to choose the quality one to greatly improve work efficiency, otherwise it can be very costly if you choose the wrong crane. As an professional overhead crane supplier, we provide customized single girder overhead crane and customized double girder overhead crane for different customers to suit their various requirements.

single girder crane for sale

Single Girder Overhead Crane 

Single girder overhead crane, as its name suggests, is a kind of crane with single girder and it is applied ...
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Double girder overhead crane for sale

Double Girder Overhead Crane

As a professional overhead crane manufacturer, we supply double girder overhead crane for customers from different countries and regions for ...
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Control Device for Overhead Crane

To make sure over head cranes work safely, some control devices for the lifting equipment are necessary to be equipped. Read on to know more about the control and protection measures for the crane as follows:

  1. The heavy load should be able to move up, down, left, right, forward and backward, and be able to move simultaneously in three-dimensional direction. Terminal protection should be set in the five directions except the downward direction;
  2. Reliable brake device should be equipped with the over head crane, in order to make sure the heavy objects will not fall down because of its dead weight under the circumstance of power failure;
  3. There should be wide speed range, when the crane starts to move from a static state, it should gather speed from the lowest speed, and the acceleration should not be too strong;
  4. There should be short-time overhead protection measures to avoid the possible danger or risk under the circumstance of overload or over speed. It usually adopt over-current relay as the overload protection of the circuits;
  5. There should be voltage loss protection;
  6. The crane should have safety protections to avoid risks or accidents.

Successful Customer Cases

10ton overhead crane to Nigeria
10ton Overhead Crane to Nigeria

overhead cranes to Uzbekistan
Single Girder Overhead Cranes to Uzbekistan

Double Girder Overhead Crane to Chile
Double Girder Overhead Crane to Chile

30ton overhead crane to Uzbekistan
30ton Overhead Crane to Uzbekistan

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Overhead Crane for Sale 

Except the above cranes including top running overhead crane, underhung crane, overhead traveling crane, explosion proof overhead crane, foundry crane etc, there are also single girder eot crane and double girder eot crane. Our company is professional overhead crane manufacturer and has much designing and manufacturing experience for decades. The cranes provided by us work efficiently and reliably and have long service time. We design and customize the crane for customers from all over the world and the lifting capacity can be up to 500T or more.

Aimix has first-class team of design and production, strict quality monitor and control management, and complete and excellent service, which makes us stand out from so many overhead crane companies and suppliers in China. No matter what type of overhead crane you need, we can provide you with satisfactory solutions. We promise to supply quality and professional overhead lifting equipment all the time for customers. With our cranes, your lifting operations can be guaranteed reliably. Our crane overhead has been exported to many countries and won high praise and good reputation from our clients.

For more information and details about our overhead crane for sale, just feel free to contact us at any time and we will reply you as soon as we get your inquiry.