Safety Device of Overhead Crane

In order to ensure the normal use of the overhead crane, put an end to the accidents that may occur in the lifting operation of the hook overhead crane, and ensure the life safety of the operators, the overhead crane, as the lifting equipment for material lifting over the workshop, warehouse and stock yard, is equipped with a variety of safety protection devices. Common protective devices include lifting limiter, limiter, buffer, anti-collision device, anti deflection and deflection indication device, anti overturning, anti wind damage and other safety protection devices.

1. Lifting capacity limiter

Overload operation is an important cause of frequent accidents of overhead crane, which can be prevented by overload protection device.

2. Limiter

There are two types of limiters, one is the up limit position limiter and the down limit position limiter to protect the safe operation of the hoisting mechanism, the other is the limit position limiter to limit the operation of the operating mechanism.

3. Buffer

Absorb the operation function of the trolley to reduce the impact.

4. Anti-collision device

The running speed of modern overhead crane is constantly increasing. There are several machines running on the same track at the same time. In order to prevent the collision between the cranes, the anti-collision device is installed on the crane.

5. Anti deflection device

Due to the deviation of wheel manufacturing and installation, and the deviation of transmission mechanism, the operation of the bridge crane is often skewed, and even the “rail gnawing phenomenon” will occur in serious cases, which will even affect the metal structure and operation mechanism, and the anti deflection device is necessary for the overhead crane.

6. Other safety device

The electrical equipment on the bridge shall be equipped with rain cover;

The single girder overhead crane is equipped with anti overturning safety hook to ensure that the trolley does not overturn and the maintenance work is safe.

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