Overhead Travelling Crane

Overhead travelling crane is a crane has parallel runways with traveling girder spanning the gap. There are single girder overhead traveling crane and double girder overhead traveling crane designed and produced according to needs. Aimix provides both kinds of overhead cranes for clients and customizes cranes in accordance with special requirements. The crane can be applied in machine shops, steel mills, repair and maintenance shop, product handling workstation, steel warehouses etc.

The overall crane includes crane traveling mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism, beam, frame, electric control device and so on. The lifting component of the crane just travels along its track on top of the beam or under the beam.

Classifications of Overhead Travelling Crane

AQ-HD single girder overhead travelling crane

Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

Single girder overhead travelling crane has single girder to lift and transfer goods or products with its lifting device. The ...
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Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane

Double girder overhead traveling crane is a crane with double girders and its lifting mechanism travels along its track on ...
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Overhead traveling crane can be classified according to different ways as follows:

According to girder, there are single girder overhead traveling crane and double girder overhead crane, the former adopts hoist as its lifting device and the latter uses trolley as its lifting device which travels on top of the beams;

According to application, there are foundry overhead traveling crane, metallurgical overhead traveling crane, explosion proof overhead crane, garage overhead crane, workshop/workstation overhead crane and so on. These cranes are used on different occasions and they are with different designs and configurations, for example, foundry crane is used on foundry occasion, and it should be with special processes to adapt the special working environment;

According to lifting capacity, there are light duty overhead traveling crane or small overhead crane and heavy duty overhead crane. As names suggest, light duty crane is with small lifting capacity and heavy duty crane can be designed to bear larger lifting load. No matter what kind of overhead crane you need, we just can offer you suitable crane solution.

Overhead Traveling Crane Mechanisms

Overhead traveling crane for sale
Overhead Travelling Crane

The lifting mechanism of the crane can adopt support brake and control brake, the control brake uses electric brake and the support brake realizes brake by setting brake device on high speed shaft of the motor, both the brake ways ensure smooth, safe and reliable brake for the lifting mechanism. The components of the lifting mechanism are with compact arrangement, easy maintenance and work safely and reliably.

Control and drive system of crane mechanism mainly consists of crane motor and brake. The control system controls speed with cam controller and drives the motor to implement up or down movement. The overhead traveling crane can choose different operating and controlling ways, and they are cabin operating, ground operating and remote operating. According to need, the crane can install two sets of operating device, they are separately ground operating and remote operating, and remote operating with cabin operating. The two operating ways cannot be used at the same time but switched to use for safety’s sake.

Overhead travelling crane is applied so widely on different occasions and it plays very important role in lifting and transferring different kinds of goods. To lift different materials, the crane is always equipped with different hook devices; when it is used to lift bulk good, grab is usually adopted; when it is used to lift metals, electromagnetic chunk is used; for lifting other kinds of goods or materials, hook or other device is used.

Overhead Traveling Cranes for Sale

Our company has provided overhead cranes for clients for decades. Our cranes have high lifting capacities for lifting and moving heavy loads. The cranes can be custom designed and manufactured to suit the exact specifications, that is to say, no matter what kind of crane you want or how much lifting capacity you need, we can supply the perfect cranes according to different work needs and requirements. The crane can be equipped with double hoists or trolleys as needed to improve work efficiency and productivity inside a facility. Aimix is one of the leading overhead crane suppliers in China, and has much experience in designing and producing cranes. To get suitable overhead crane solutions and to know more about our overhead crane for sale, just don’t hesitate to contact us and we are here to offer quality cranes and excellent service.

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