Overhead Cranes for Metallurgy Use

Metallurgical overhead crane can take part in specific process operation in the process of steel production. Its basic structure is similar to the ordinary overhead crane, but it is also equipped with special working mechanism or device. This crane is characterized by frequent use, poor conditions and high working level.

Ladle/casting overhead crane

Casting overhead crane is used for lifting molten iron into mixer, steel-making furnace and continuous ingot casting equipment or ingot mould. The main trolley is used to lift the bucket, and the auxiliary trolley is used to turn the bucket.

Socking pit crane/clamp crane

This kind of crane uses the clamp to lift the high temperature ingot vertically to the soaking pit or take it out and put it on the ingot carrier.

Stripper crane

Stripper crae is used to force the ingot out of the ingot mould. There is a special de ingot device on the trolley, and the de ingot method depends on the shape of the ingot mold: some de ingot cranes press the ingot with the top bar, and lift the ingot mold with the tongs; some press the ingot mold with the tongs, and lift the ingot with the tongs.

Charging crane

Charging crane is used to add charge to open hearth furnace. The lower end of the column of the main trolley is equipped with a pick-up bar to move the material box and send it into the furnace. The main column can rotate around the vertical axis, and the cantilever can swing up and down and rotate. Auxiliary trolley is used for furnace repair and other auxiliary operations.

Forging crane

Forging crane is used for forging large work pieces with hydraulic press. A special tripper is hung on the hook of the main trolley to support and turn the workpiece; the auxiliary trolley is used to lift the workpiece.

metallurgical overhead cranes
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