Overhead Crane Used in Steel Mill

Overhead crane has been widely used in steel mills and plays very important role during the steel-making process. The whole process is very complicated and mainly includes the following procedures: mining, mineral processing, sintering, smelting, steel making, refining, continuous casting, steel rolling etc. During the different processes, different types of overhead cranes are applied for the heavy loads lifting and transferring.

Different Types of Overhead Crane Used in Steel Mill

Used in different steel-making processes, overhead cranes in different types are adopted to lift and move materials. There are several types of cranes used in steel mill as follows:

Grab overhead crane: this kind of crane is used to grab iron ore, scrap ore and coal, and it can adopt hydraulic grab, mechanical grab or electric grab as needed.

crane in steel mill
Overhead Crane in Workshop

Overhead crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 5-450t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 2.1-11.5m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 27-40m/min
  • Crane running speed: 42-75m/min
  • Work duty: A3-A7

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Ladle crane/casting crane: ladle crane, also known as foundry crane, is a kind of special overhead crane and mainly applied for metal smelting, rolling and hot working in steel mills to lift and move molten metal. Its working environment temperature is usually between -10℃ and 50℃, its working duty is A7, A8. Most casting crane works in the environment with high temperature, high dust content or even harmful gas. Since this kind of crane is used to lift and transfer molten steel or molten iron, the performance of the crane must be safe and reliable. There are mainly four styles for the crane: double girder double track, double girder four track, four girder four track and four girder six track.

Ladle overhead crane used in steel mill
Ladle Overhead Crane

Ladle crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 5-320t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 6-13m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 36-45.9m/min
  • Crane running speed: 63-118.6m/min
  • Work duty: A6-A8

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Radiation proof thermal device should be installed below the lifting beam, and protective cover should be set for the movable pulley block which is used to wind wire rope. The cable used for the crane should be high temperature resistance, the wire rope should be steel-cored wire rope, the cabin should be closed, and the radiation proof thermal device should be set below the main beams. Considering the safety of the main lifting mechanism, two sets of driving devices should be equipped for it, and there also should be two sets of brake devices and over-speed protection device.

Electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier beam: this kind of crane is mainly used to lift or move long materials or goods in bundles, like steel coil, bar steel, section material and steel rail. There can be several hanging points (hook or electromagnetic chunk) set below the carrier beam. The removable electromagnetic chunk is very adaptable for moving and lifting ferrous metal products with magnetic conductivity, like steel ingot, section steel, raw iron etc. The lifting capacity of the crane includes the weight of electromagnetic chunk and carrier beam, and the total weight of the crane doesn’t include the dead weight of the electromagnet. The hanging beam can be parallel or perpendicular to the direction of the main beam of the crane, and the hanging beam can be designed to rotate or not as needed.

electromagnetic overhead crane for sale
Electromagnetic Overhead Crane with Carrier Beam

Electromagnetic overhead crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 7.5+7.5t -20+20t
  • Span: 10.5-34.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-16m
  • Lifting speed: 11.7-13.2m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 31.3-37m/min
  • Crane running speed: 58.5-74.3m/min
  • Work duty: A5-A7

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Soaking-pit overhead crane: this kind of crane is usually used to load, unload, move and lift steel plate slab, section material and other types of materials within the fixed span in steel mill, shipyard, stock yard etc. It is especially adaptable for occasions to lift and move slab of different sizes. The materials are different in size and weight, and the crane can adopt different clamps to meet the lifting needs. To meet clients’ requirements, we can provide speed regulation, overload and alarm, remote control, PLC control and fault detection and displaying systems for all the mechanisms. The clamp can be electric, hydraulic or gravity type clamp as required. The crane can also be used to lift steel coil with C-type lifting tool.

soaking-pit crane for sale
Soaking-pit Overhead Crane

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