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Over head crane is widely used for lifting work on many occasions, it adopts hoist or trolley as its lifting mechanism during operations.Our company supplies various kinds of cranes for different clients to meet their work needs.

Overhead crane classified by types, there are mainly top running overhead crane, under running crane, under-hung/under-slung crane, monorail overhead crane, overhead rail crane, overhead track mounted crane, ceiling mounted crane, free standing overhead crane, portable over head crane, mobile overhead crane, overhead traveling crane and so on. These cranes are with different performance and working levels, and therefore they have different applications.

Top running single girder overhead crane

Top Running Overhead Crane

As an important lifting equipment, top running overhead crane is designed to travel on the top of the runway system ...
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Underhung Crane

Underhung crane, also known as under running crane or under slung crane, refers to a crane with its end trucks ...
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Quality EOT crane for sale

Electric Overhead Crane

Electric overhead crane is important overhead lifting equipment, and it is widely used for indoor and outdoor lifting work. It ...
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EOT Crane

EOT crane refers to electric overhead traveling crane, which can be with single girder or double girder. This kind of ...
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Heavy duty EOT crane for sale

Heavy Duty Overhead Crane

Heavy duty overhead crane, as its name suggests, is a crane designed for heavy duty work compared with light duty ...
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Hoist Overhead Crane

A hoist overhead crane, also known as hoist bridge crane, is a crane using electric hoist as its lifting mechanism ...
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quality industrial overhead crane

Industrial Overhead Crane

Industrial overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane equipment used in many industries to lift and move heavy and ...
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Light Duty Overhead Crane

Aicrane light duty overhead crane is available in single girder or double girder configuration as your choice, according to hoist ...
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Electromagnetic crane

Magnetic Overhead Crane

Magnetic overhead crane is a specially designed crane used to lift and transfer metals. It is generally heavy working crane ...
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Quality material handling overhead crane for sale

Material Handling Overhead Crane

Material handling overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane, and it is used to lift and transport heavy materials ...
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Quality overhead pendant crane

Overhead Pendant Crane

Overhead pendant crane is a crane operated with pendant and used for lifting and transporting operations on different working occasions ...
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Overhead traveling crane for sale

Overhead Travelling Crane

Overhead travelling crane is a crane has parallel runways with traveling girder spanning the gap. There are single girder overhead ...
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Remote Control Overhead Crane

Remote control overhead crane refers to the crane that is operated with remote control. There is radio remote control, wireless ...
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Single girder small overhead crane

Small Overhead Crane

Compared with heavyweight crane, small overhead crane generally refers to the crane with small lifting capacity. This crane is usually ...
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Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane

Double girder overhead traveling crane is a crane with double girders and its lifting mechanism travels along its track on ...
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AQ-HD single girder overhead travelling crane

Single Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

Single girder overhead travelling crane has single girder to lift and transfer goods or products with its lifting device. The ...
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