Lifting Mechanism of Overhead Crane

Lifting mechanism of overhead crane refers to the mechanism used to lift or lower the goods, which is generally winch type. The lifting mechanism is the most important and basic mechanism for the crane. Its working quality directly affects the working performance of the whole crane.

The hoisting mechanism is generally composed of driving device, wire rope winding system, taking device and safety protection device. The driving device consists of motor, reducer, brake, drum group, coupling and other components. The wire rope winding system consists of wire rope, drum group, pulley group and hook group. There are hook, ring, grab, electromagnetic chuck, sling and hanging beam. Safety protection devices include overload limiter, lifting height limiter, over-speed protection switch and safety brake, etc.

Working principle of lifting mechanism: after the motor is powered on, it turns, through the reducer to change speed, then through the coupling to drive the drum, through the wire rope winding system to complete the lifting and lowering process of the hook.

The lifting mechanism of the crane adopts the series resistance speed regulating system, the starting and braking are stable, the impact is small, and the hook positioning is accurate, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly extends the service life of various parts of the lifting mechanism.

The brake of lifting mechanism adopts the scheme of supporting brake and controlling brake. Electric braking is adopted for control braking, and brake is set on the high-speed shaft of motor for supporting braking, so as to make the brake of hoisting mechanism stable, safe and reliable.

All parts of the lifting mechanism are arranged compactly, maintained conveniently and ensured to be safe and reliable.

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