Features of European Double Girder Overhead Crane

The European double girder hook overhead crane is the advanced and mature European hook overhead crane in China. Adopting the design standard and manufacturing process of European crane, it has the characteristics of low height, light self weight, small wheel pressure, flexible direct drive, stepless speed change, maintenance free, etc.

The steel structure, mechanical system, electrical system and safety protection device of the crane shall conform to the current relevant specifications and standards. The crane has sufficient strength, rigidity, stability and overturning resistance. The operation performance of each mechanism is safe and reliable. The vibration, noise and environmental protection meet the requirements of current relevant standards. The fire protection and safety meet the current relevant standards of China. The European cranes mainly have the following features:

1. High safety and reliable performance. The main hoisting mechanism adopts a suit structure, the brake system adopts the high-speed shaft working brake, and the control brake multiple braking scheme of the electrical system, with high safety, reliable and stable performance.

2. The whole machine is low in height, the trolley has a wide range of operation, and the utilization rate of the plant is improved.

With European structure, reasonable drum diameter, pulley block ratio and reducer support structure, the service surface of hook operation of the machine is significantly larger than that of ordinary overhead crane. Under the same lifting height, the height above the rail surface of the whole crane can be reduced by more than 30% compared with that of ordinary crane, which improves the utilization rate of the plant, saves a lot of civil engineering costs, and makes the technical indexes of the plant in line with the international standards Advanced level.

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3. The structure is reliable, the weight of the whole machine is light, the load is reasonable, and the foundation load is small.

The new type of bridge is adopted to improve the rigidity of the bridge. The end beams are hinged with pin shafts through connecting beams, and the two main beams are relatively independent, which is convenient for transportation and field installation. As a result of many technical measures adopted by the machine, the load of each wheel is ensured to be even, the self weight of the whole machine is reduced by more than 15%, and the maximum wheel pressure is reduced by 10% – 20%.

While ensuring the advanced design of the crane, it is equivalent to the safety performance of the traditional overhead crane, and the safety factor of the important parts of the bridge is higher and more reliable. At the same time, the configuration performance of the purchased parts is better than that of the traditional crane.

4. High manufacturing precision, fine, beautiful appearance.

The trolley frame adopts large-scale CNC floor milling and boring machine to process the reaming of each support and trolley as a whole, so as to reduce the manufacturing deviation of the riveting and welding process, with high manufacturing accuracy, improve the installation accuracy of each component, and avoid the occurrence of rail gnawing and three fulcrums of the trolley.

The bridge adopts the whole line drawing and whole boring process, and the end beam connection reaming and the gantry frame reaming are all used for the whole boring, which improves the assembly accuracy of the bridge and the gantry running mechanism, and avoids the occurrence of the gantry gnawing the rail and the three fulcrum phenomenon.

5. The electric control precision is high and the protection device is perfect. The bridge crane is controlled by AC frequency conversion speed regulation program, and the action accuracy of each mechanism is less than 5mm. Meanwhile, it is equipped with perfect mechanical and electrical protection devices, such as overload limiter of main hook and auxiliary hook, height limiter of main hook and auxiliary hook, etc.

6. The products of our company have been modularized and serialized. All new products are developed on the basis of mature products, with reliable product performance.

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