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EOT crane refers to electric overhead traveling crane, which can be with single girder or double girder. This kind of crane is widely used for many occasions, such as steel-making and metallurgy plant, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, machining production and processes. There are ordinary EOT crane and European EOT crane, and the lifting capacity can reach 300 ton or more. The main components and mechanisms include main beam, end beam, runways, electric drive and control device, crane trolley traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism and so on. EOT European crane has many advantages and works high efficiently without failure.

Types of EOT Cranes

Single Girder EOT Crane

Single girder EOT crane, as its name suggests, is the overhead traveling crane with single girder. It adopts electric hoist ...
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Double Girder EOT Crane

Double girder EOT crane, also known as double beam EOT crane, is the crane with double girders and adopts trolley ...
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If the crane is classified by structure, there are EOT single girder crane and EOT double girder crane, that is to say, single girder crane has one main beam and double girder crane has two main beams. Single girder crane uses electric hoist as its lifting mechanism and double girder crane adopts trolley as its lifting device to lift and transport goods or materials;

If the crane classified with different traveling ways, there are top running and under hung EOT cranes, which is also known as under slung or suspension overhead crane. Top running EOT crane refers to the crane whose end trucks travel on top of the crane runway and under slung crane refers to the crane with its end trucks traveling on the bottom flange of the crane runway;

If the crane classified with applications and working occasions, there are metallurgical EOT crane, explosion proof EOT crane, electromagnetic EOT crane, EOT crane used for general purposes and on general occasions.

There are also light duty and heavy duty EOT cranes for different loads. Our company supplies all these types of EOT cranes, as one of the leading EOT crane suppliers in China, we have cooperated with many customers from many different countries and regions, and have designed and customized various cranes for them. We are experienced in design and production, and meantime we are confident on our cranes quality and service.

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Protective Device for Good Quality EOT Crane

Protective device is set to make sure the EOT crane safety, and the protections are as following:

  1. Distribution protection: the main circuit of crane distribution is equipped with main supply automatic air switch, main contactor and other protection components;
  1. Short circuit protection: The main power supply is equipped with automatic switch as the short circuit protection for the crane; control circuit is equipped with small-capacity automatic air switch as the short circuit protection;
  1. Phase sequence protection: the equipment adopts phase sequence protector to monitor the quality of the power supply in real time; when over-voltage, under-voltage, short phase and phase dislocation happen because of external factors, control system will cut off the main circuit to ensure the safety of equipment and staff reliably;
  1. Lifting limit protection: lifting mechanism is equipped with fire stopper for upper and lower limit, and the limit switch makes sure that it can cut off the power supply of the lifting mechanism automatically when the hook moves up and down to the limit position;
  1. Lifting overload protection: the lifting mechanism is equipped with overload protection and alarm, the overload limiter will send warning signal when the load reaches 90% of rated lifting capacity; when the load reaches 110% of the rated capacity, the limiter will cut off lifting power supply immediately and send prohibitive alarm signal; the sensor of the overload limiter is with good resistance to moisture and shock;
  1. Limit protection for the crane traveling: the crane traveling mechanism is equipped with limit switch protection, the limit switch will cut off the traveling power supply automatically when the mechanism moves to the limit position;
  1. Emergency power-off protection: the control circuit of the crane is equipped with emergency switch, when something emergent happens, and the switch will cut off the main circuit to make sure the safe operating of the crane;
  1. Voltage loss protection: the control circuit of the crane is equipped with voltage loss protection, when the power is suddenly cut off or the supply voltage is too low, the main contactor will lock automatically and break, and the crane must be restarted after the power restores;
  1. Zero interlock protection in operator cab: the crane operated by cab has zero protection device, the device eliminate the electric motor operating automatically when the power restores after failure, and avoid accidents; the power supply of the crane can be restarted after the controller returns to zero position;
  1. Ground protection: there are reliable grounding device for the metal structures of the crane, metal enclosures of all the electrical equipment, pipe chases, and low-voltage side of transformer.

With all those protections, the crane safety is guaranteed well. AICRANE is one of the leading and professional eot crane brand, including single girder and double girder EOT cranes. No matter common crane or European crane you want, we can provide you with suitable and satisfactory solutions. To know more about our high-quality EOT cranes, please feel free to contact us whenever you want. We promise to provide quality cranes and perfect service for clients.

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