Daily Maintenance of Crane

Crane belongs to a kind of lifting machinery, which is a kind of machinery for circulation and intermittent movement. A working cycle includes: the taking device lifts the object from the taking place, then moves horizontally to the designated place to lower the object, and then carries out the reverse movement to return the taking device to its original position, so as to carry out the next cycle. Some crane daily maintenance knowledge is provided as below:

1. Check whether the engine (or starter) has sufficient fuel.

2. Check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient.

3. Check whether the oil in the engine (or starter) sump is sufficient.

4. Check whether the oil in the control box is sufficient.

5. Check the working condition of the engine for oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and abnormal knocking sound. Both the low speed and high speed shall operate well.

6. Check the condition of the wire rope, especially the fastening of the connection.

7. Check whether the battery, generator, motor, horn and lighting are in good condition.

8. Check whether the instruments are normal (according to the factory instructions of various machines).

9. Each part shall be filled with lubricating oil according to the lubricating cycle, lubricating parts and used oil specified in various mechanical lubrication charts.

10. Check the working conditions of each mechanism, such as the upper rotation and lower travel mechanism of each clutch and brake, boom, pulley, hook, etc. And carry out operation test, if any fault is found, it shall be eliminated in time.

11. Clean the exterior of the machine.

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