Crane Traveling Mechanism of AQ-HD Overhead Crane

The crane traveling mechanism of AQ-HD European standard overhead crane is mainly composed of motor, reducer and wheel group etc. 

The driving device adopts full sealed F series three in one drive, with self-lubricating and maintenance free design, and the running speed is controlled by frequency conversion, with stable operation, safety and reliability, low noise and low energy consumption.

The motor adopts YEJ series electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor. It is a fully enclosed, self fan cooling, squirrel cage type additional DC electromagnet brake. A group of DC disc electromagnetic brake is added between the rear end cover and fan of Y series motor. The motor has smooth starting and braking, convenient adjustment of braking torque, high positioning accuracy, high braking sensitivity and strong adaptability for frequent starting and braking.

Working principle: the DC disc brake of YEJ series brake motor is installed at the front end of the rear end cover of the motor. When the brake motor is connected to the power supply, the brake also works at the same time. Due to the electromagnetic attraction, the electromagnet attracts the armature and compresses the spring. The brake, armature and rear cover are separated, and the motor starts to rotate. When the power is cut off, the brake electromagnet loses the electromagnetic attraction, the spring pushes the armature to press the brake disc, and the motor stops running immediately under the action of friction torque.

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F series reducer adopts international advanced technology and is manufactured according to international technical requirements. It saves space, is reliable and durable, has high overload bearing capacity, and its power can reach more than 90kw. It has low energy consumption and superior performance. The reducer efficiency can be as high as 95%, with small vibration, low noise and high energy saving. It adopts high-quality forged steel material, rigid cast iron box body and high-frequency heat treatment on the gear surface After precision machining, the parallelism and positioning accuracy of the shaft are ensured, and the high matching degree integration of the motor reducer is ensured, and the quality characteristics of the product are fully guaranteed.

F series reducer belongs to hard tooth surface reducer. The gears are made of high-quality alloy steel after carburizing and quenching. The hardness of gear tooth surface is 54-62hrc. It has small volume, light weight, high precision, large bearing capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable transmission and low noise. It adopts self-lubricating system and maintenance free design.

The wheel set is made of high strength steel 42CrMo and processed by rough turning, quenching, tempering and finish turning. The hardness of heat treatment is 48-52hrc. It has high strength, good toughness, good harden-ability, high fatigue resistance and impact resistance after modulation treatment.

The crane driving device adopts separate driving and three in one driving device, which is composed of hard tooth surface reducer and brake motor, and adopts frequency conversion speed regulation control. Its driving form has high transmission precision, light weight, good sealing performance, low noise, long service life and maintenance free.

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