Characteristics of Overhead Crane

Overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is used to lift materials horizontally over workshop, warehouse and stock yard. Overhead crane is a commonly used crane equipment. It is an important tool and equipment to realize the mechanization and automation of production process in modern industrial production and lifting transportation. 

The characteristics of the overhead crane are as follows:

  1. The bridge adopts box girder and automatic submerged arc welding;
  2. The trolley adopts a new conductive device of I-steel track cable, which is safe and reliable;
  3. The hoisting mechanism can be equipped with a second set of safety device according to the requirements to increase the reliability;
  4. Standardization, serialization and generalization of parts and components;
  5. The vision of the control room is wide, all mechanisms are operated in the control room, comfortable and flexible;
  6. The whole height of the crane is low, which can improve the utilization rate of workshop, and the crane hook has a wide range of operation;
  7. The overhead crane has reliable structure, light self weight, reasonable bearing, small foundation bearing, low failure rate and small daily maintenance workload;
  8. The overhead crane has high configuration, advanced and reliable electrical control, and excellent system performance.

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