Overhead Crane and Hoist Installation for Our Client from Uzbekistan

One of our clients from Uzbekistan ordered one LH 20 ton overhead crane and one LD 2 ton crane with chain hoist from our company, and the installation of the overhead crane and the hoist has been finished for the client. The cranes work very reliably and efficiently and our client has been very satisfied with our crane and hoist solutions, and we both sides are looking forward to the further cooperation. 

LH 20 ton crane with good quality
LH 20 ton overhead crane

As an experienced and professional manufacturer, we provide wide range of crane and hoist solutions to meet different work needs. If you are looking for an overhead crane or other lifting equipment now, just contact us and you will get the suitable and right product from our company. For more details on the crane products, just contact us without hesitation, and we will reply you very soon.

 2 ton crane with chain hoist
LD 2 ton crane

Overhead Cranes for Our Customers from Chile

In Sep, 2018, both single girder and double girder overhead cranes designed and manufactured by our company have been successfully exported to Chile and installed on our customers’ working occasions.

Our professional and experienced sales person and engineers went there to help our customers with the installation of the cranes, and the customers are very satisfied with our excellent service and professional work.

double girder overhead crane from our company

As a reputable and experienced company, we have been in this industry for many years and we are striving for better and better crane solutions and after-sale service and we must make sure our customers from all over the world are satisfied with our products and service.

overhead crane for our customer

If you are looking for a suitable overhead crane solution now for your facility, please contact us at any time you want and we will reply to you very soon, and we are sure that you will get the suitable and perfect crane solution from us.

Installation of Overhead Crane for Bangladesh Customer

A Bangladesh customer bought 10 sets 5-30 ton overhead cranes from our Ellsen company for a government project, and the cranes are used in waste transfer and processing station.

On March, 2016, our engineers and clients went to Bangladesh to install the cranes. First, we visited the client’s company in Dhaka and took Chinese tea to them as our company gift, and we were warmly welcomed there. Then, we talked about the installation details.

overhead crane installation

On the second day, we went to the work station to finish the installation of the I beam, crane rail and bus bar according to the guidance of our engineer. We did all the welding carefully to make sure the quality, and also taught the workers how to weld and install the crane. We finished all the installation of the cranes within 10 days.

crane installation

After having checked the installation carefully, our client highly recognized our installation and excellent service. The client said they would look forward to cooperating with us again. As a professional crane supplier, we promise to provide quality cranes and perfect service for our clients.