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Overhead cranes are used to lift and transport different materials and goods with different weights, and the cranes are with different lifting capacities for different clients. According to tonnage, there are 1 ton overhead crane, 2 ton overhead crane, 10 ton overhead crane, 20 ton overhead crane, 30 ton crane, 50 ton crane, 100 ton crane etc, our company produce cranes with different load capacities according to customers’ requirements.

1 ton single girder overhead crane

1 ton Overhead Crane  

1 ton overhead crane belongs to small and light duty crane, which is used for light weight lifting or transporting ...
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2 ton suspension crane for sale

2 ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane is a kind of lightweight overhead crane and it is widely applied for light load work ...
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3 ton top running overhead crane for sale

3 ton Overhead Crane

3 ton overhead crane is a kind of crane with light lifting capacity and used to lift and transfer goods ...
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5 ton European overhead crane

5 ton Overhead Crane

5 ton overhead crane, as a kind of material handling crane, is widely applied to many different industries for material ...
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10 ton overhead crane for sale

10 ton Overhead Crane

10 ton overhead crane can be designed to single beam overhead crane or double beam overhead crane as needed. It ...
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15 ton Overhead Crane

15 ton overhead crane is designed and manufactured by our professional overhead crane team with advanced technology. You can put ...
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20 ton double girder grab crane

20 ton Overhead Crane

20 ton overhead crane is used to lift and transfer goods and materials with the weight not greater than 20 ...
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25 ton Overhead Crane

Our company supplies a wide range of overhead cranes with different lifting capacities, and 25 ton overhead crane is a ...
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AQ-NLH 30 ton European overhead crane

30 ton Overhead Crane

30 ton overhead crane is widely used for heavy loads lifting and moving. Aimix Group provides overhead cranes with single ...
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AQ-NLH 40 ton overhead crane for sale

40 ton Overhead Crane

40 ton overhead crane is a crane with the lifting capacity of 40 ton, and it can be used in ...
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50 ton Overhead Crane

50 ton overhead crane is a kind of heavy duty overhead crane, and it can be used to heavy duty ...
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100 ton Overhead Crane

100 ton overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane with heavy lifting capacity compared with the cranes with small ...
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Aimix group provides a wide range of overhead cranes, and the lifting capacity of the crane can reach 500 ton or more as needed. When you need a crane, just tell us the working environment, lifting capacity, work occasion conditions and other special requirements, and we will provide you with the suitable crane. For more information about overhead crane price, please just contact us.

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